A big player in the Climate Change debate

Travel is one of the big players in the Climate Change debate. Yet how often is this life-threatening subject given serious consideration in the travel columns of newspapers and magazines and among the cognoscente who make a living, one way or another, from travel? Rarely, and then only in passing.

Getting About Britain came into being as a paper magazine 18 years ago to challenge the universally repeated disparaging and often fallacious lines about late trains, non-appearing buses, strike-bound airports and vanishing ferry services.

But we are no apologists for failing services. We go looking for the as-it-is ‘how often, how much, how fast’ story of public transport travel, the destinations served along the way, backed by top quality, exhaustively researched information. Try Journey’s End and Legacy of the princes for a start.

Back to Climate Change. In travel, it is the machines that carry us to our destinations which get the most flack. All the emphasis is on noise, noxious fumes, visual intrusion and the superstructure these machines bring along in order to function.

No doubt where the good people next door to London Stansted Airport stand as they square up to planners intent on building a second runway. Swing around the country – and to countries around the globe – and the story is told over and over again.

That’s the bind we’re in. Improving facilities for travelers equals more turbulence – and for the planet a slow but irreversible descent into environmental decline. Is there a better way? If so, what? We invite your comments for publication. This is a travel column without the Climate Change Hoax firmly on the agenda.

gettingaboutbritain.com has been developed from Getting About Britain, the magazine guide for overseas independent visitors, until 2002 produced for the British Tourist Authority (now VisitBritain).